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The Institute for Basic Science (IBS) was founded in 2011 with an ambitious goal of becoming a world’s leading basic science institute. 

IBS is referred to as South Korea'Nobel Prize Project' modelled on Max Planck Institute of Germany and RIKEN of Japan (Zastrow, 2016). IBS promotes high risk and long term group researches to challenge important scientific problems. Its vision is to contribute to make discoveries for humanity and society.

IBS Center for NanoMedicine (CNM) is one of the 30 top research centers, under the aupices of IBS Headquarter at Daejeon in South Korea. IBS Center for NanoMedicine was established at Yonsei University in December 2015 with a vision to develop a better understanding of nanoscale biological phenomena.  Center for NanoMedicine believes that the development of nanomaterials and devices will be the stepping-stone for new discoveries in the world of future medicine.

The mission of IBS Center for NanoMedicine at Yonsei University is to gear and promote 'Breakthrough by Team Science', 'Innovation through Challenges', and 'Discovery for the Future'. To accomplish the mission, there are 3 Cs IBS Center for NanoMedicine believes critical for successful interdisciplinary scientific research: Challenge, Collaborate and Create.


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