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The Department of Nano Biomedical Engineering (Nano BME) aims to establish a foundation for future oriented convergence science and to create new science with themes of nanomaterials and biological systems. Its goal is to introduce new possibilities to the scientific community by developing nanomaterials capable of monitoring and understanding biological phenomena with ultimate precision and accuracy.

    • Evolutionary Nanomaterials
    • NanoBio Interface Science
    • Precision Nanomedicine

M.S/Ph.D Program

The Department of Nano Biomedical Engineering (Nano BME) provides a cutting edge education and training in nanoscience and nanomedicine. We also run programs for undergraduate students including  ‘Science Factory @ Yonsei’, and ‘Undergraduate Internship Program(UIP)’ . 

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We, the director and faculty of the Department of Nano Biomedical Engineering (Nano BME), strive to promote the highest quality of research that will nurture the current global basic science and generate new opportunities for the future. The Department of Nano BME pursues excellence in science, and our goal is to advance the frontiers of knowledge and to train young scientists for tomorrow. Our department has 17 faculty members from Yonsei University and its partner institutions, who are leading scientists and scholars in Nano Biomedical Engineering(BME). The department is headed by Director Jinwoo Cheon with support from the administration research team who are committed to provide extensive research management and financial assistance to all members at CNM.

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