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Young-Geun Park, Hyeon Seok An, Ju-Young Kim, Jang-Ung Park*
High-resolution, reconfigurable printing of liquid metals with three-dimensional structures
Science Advances, 5
Date: Jun 21, 2019

We report an unconventional approach for high-resolution, reconfigurable 3D printing using liquid metals for
stretchable, 3D integrations. A minimum line width of 1.9 mm can be reliably formed using direct printing, and
printed patterns can be reconfigured into diverse 3D structures with maintaining pristine resolutions. This reconfiguration
can be performed multiple times, and it also generates a thin oxide interface that can be effective in
preventing the spontaneous penetration of gallium atoms into different metal layers while preserving electrical
properties under ambient conditions. Moreover, these free-standing features can be encapsulated with stretchable,
conformal passivations. We demonstrate applications in the form of a reconfigurable antenna, which is tunable
by changing geometeries, and reversibly movable interconnections used as mechanical switches. The free-standing
3D structure of electrodes is also advantageous for minimizing the number and space between interconnection

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