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Hunkyu Seo†, Won Gi Chung†, Yong Won Kwon†, Sumin Kim†, Yeon-Mi Hong†, Wonjung Park, Enji Kim, Jakyoung Lee Jakyoung Lee, Sanghoon Lee, Moohyun Kim, Kyeonghee Lim, Inhea Jeong, Hayoung Song, and Jang-Ung Park* († equally contributed)
Smart Contact Lenses as Wearable Ophthalmic Devices for Disease Monitoring and Health Management
Chem. Rev., 123 (19), 11488-11558
Date: Sep 25, 2023

The eye contains a complex network of physiological information and biomarkers for monitoring disease and managing health, and ocular devices can be used to effectively perform point-of-care diagnosis and disease management. This comprehensive review describes the target biomarkers and various diseases, including ophthalmic diseases, metabolic diseases, and neurological diseases, based on the physiological and anatomical background of the eye. This review also includes the recent technologies utilized in eye-wearable medical devices and the latest trends in wearable ophthalmic devices, specifically smart contact lenses for the purpose of disease management. After introducing other ocular devices such as the retinal prosthesis, we further discuss the current challenges and potential possibilities of smart contact lenses.

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