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Yunmin Jung*
Pre-Organized Landscape of T cell Surface
Front. Immunol., 14, 1-13
Date: Sep 13, 2023

T cell activation is initiated by the recognition of specific antigenic peptides and subsequently accomplished by complex signaling cascades. These aspects have been extensively studied for decades as pivotal factors in the establishment of adaptive immunity. However, how receptors or signaling molecules are organized in the resting state prior to encountering antigens has received less attention. Recent advancements in super-resolution microscopy techniques have revealed topographically controlled pre-formed organization of key molecules involved in antigen recognition and signal transduction on microvillar projections of T cells before activation and substantial effort has been dedicated to characterizing the topological structure of resting T cells over the past decade. This review will summarize our current understanding of how key surface receptors are pre-organized on the T-cell plasma membrane and discuss the potential role of these receptors, which are preassembled prior to ligand binding in the early activation events of T cells.

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