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Sungjin Min†, Suran Kim†, Woo-Sup Sim†, Yi Sun Choi, Hyebin Joo, Jae-Hyun Park, Su-Jin Lee, Hyeok Kim, Mi Jeong Lee, Inhea Jeong, Baofang Cui, Sung-Hyun Jo, Jin-Ju Kim, Seok Beom Hong, Yeon-Jik Choi, Kiwon Ban, Yun-Gon Kim, Jang-Ung Park, Hyang-Ae Lee, Hun-Jun Park*, and Seung-Woo Cho* († equally contributed)
Versatile Human Cardiac Tissues Engineered with Perfusable Heart Extracellular Microenvironment for Biomedical Applications
Nat. Commun., 15, 2564
Date: Mar 22, 2024

Engineered human cardiac tissues have been utilized for various biomedical applications, including drug testing, disease modeling, and regenerative medicine. However, the applications of cardiac tissues derived from human pluripotent stem cells are often limited due to their immaturity and lack of functionality. Therefore, in this study, we establish a perfusable culture system based on in vivo-like heart microenvironments to improve human cardiac tissue fabrication. The integrated culture platform of a microfluidic chip and a three-dimensional heart extracellular matrix enhances human cardiac tissue development and their structural and functional maturation. These tissues are comprised of cardiovascular lineage cells, including cardiomyocytes and cardiac fibroblasts derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells, as well as vascular endothelial cells. The resultant macroscale human cardiac tissues exhibit improved efficacy in drug testing (small molecules with various levels of arrhythmia risk), disease modeling (Long QT Syndrome and cardiac fibrosis), and regenerative therapy (myocardial infarction treatment). Therefore, our culture system can serve as a highly effective tissue-engineering platform to provide human cardiac tissues for versatile biomedical applications.

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