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[IBS Science Talk] IBS Science Talk-7 by Prof. Kazunori Kataoka (May 10, 2019)

The 7th IBS Science Talk was held on May 10th Friday. The guest speaker is Prof. Kazunori Kataoka from University of Tokyo. He gave us a talk under the title of "Self-Assembled supramolecular Nanosystems for Smart Diagnosis and Targeted Therapy of Intractable Diseases.

[IBS Science Talk] IBS Science Talk-6 by Prof. Hyongbum Kim (Yonsei Medical School) (Apr 5, 2019)

The 6th IBS Science Talk by Prof. Hyungbum Kim(Yonsei University College of Medicine, IBS Professor) was held on April 5th Friday. Prof. Kim talked about how he fell in love with science after graduating medical college at Yonsei University and he introduced the concept of CHRISPR Genome editing system. Before the talk, refreshments and brass band music was played for the audience. Thanks for coming and we look forward seeing you again in May.

[Workshop] IBS CNM-QNS Joint Wokrshop II (Mar 20, 2019)

The second IBS CNM - QNS Joint Workshop was held on March 20th at IBS Hall on Yonsei Campus.

[IBS Science Talk] IBS Science Talk-5 by Prof. Euisik Yoon (University of Michigan) (Mar 8, 2019)

IBS Science Talk by Prof. Euisik Yoon (Michigan University) was held on March 8th 2019, 4 pm at IBS Hall Auditorium.

[IBS Science Talk] [Event] President Kwon, Oh Hyun, CEO, Samsung Electronics, visits Y-IBS Institute (Feb 15, 2019)

President Kwon, Oh Hyun, CEO of Samsung Electronics visited Y-IBS Institute Center for NanoMedicine on Feburary 11th. IBS Professors, researchers and graduate students joined together with President Kwno and he shared his thoughts over wise and practical ways to interprete challenges he has encountered in life.

[IBS Science Talk] [Event] IBS Science Talk-4 by Prof. Polina Anikeeva (MIT) (Feb 8, 2019)

Prof. Polina Anikeeva (MIT, Materials Science Engineering) is currently visiting Y-IBS Institute at Yonsei university. She was invited as a speaker for IBS Science Talk on Friday, February 8th. She gave us a talk over "Connecting the brain and the machine: Adventures of a materials scientist in Neuroscience"

[IBS Science Talk] [Workshop] IBS CNM-QNS Joint Workshop I (Jan 22, 2019)

IBS CNM - QNS Joint Workshop was held on Tuesday January 22th at IBS Hall on Yonsei Campus for the first time.

[IBS Science Talk] [Event] IBS Science Talk-3 by Prof. Kwanghun Chung (MIT, IBS Professor) (Jan 15, 2019)

Prof. Kwanghun Chung (MIT, Y-IBS Professor) gave us a talk with a title : How I fell in love with science. Talk started at 4pm on Tuesday January 15th.

[IBS Science Talk] [Event] IBS Science Talk-2 by Prof. Donghee Son (Texas A&M University, IBS Professor) (Dec 18, 2018)

Free Jazz Concert plus Coffee and cakes~ Thanks for coming to join us IBS Science Talk by Prof. Donghee Son (Texas A&M, Y-IBS Professor) He gave us a talk over 'Quantum Dots'.Talk was held at 3:30 pm on Tuesday December 18th. Jazz Concert was held prior to the talk at 3:00 pm. Audiences seemed to have enjoyed free coffee and cakes.

[IBS Science Talk] [News] Jinwoo Cheon, Director of IBS CNM, listed as one of top 1% HCR 2018 by Clarivate Analytics (Nov 30, 2018)

Director Jinwoo Cheon is listed as one of top 1% Highly Cited Researcher (HCR) by Clarivate Analytics


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