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[Open Position] International Postdoctoral Fellowship(IPF) Announcement
Date: Jan 9, 2021

IBS Center for Nanomedicine (IBS CNM, PI: Jinwoo Cheon) is seeking for motivated and innovation driven candidates for International Postdoctoral Fellowship (IPF). The fellow will engage in highly multidisciplinary studies of nanodevice & bioelectronics and neural interfacing to develop novel technologies to control biological function in cellular and tissue level. The awardee will join a research team of Prof. Euisik Yoon from U. of Michigan and IBS, and spend time in residence at both institutions. Candidates with hands-on laboratory experiences in nano-bioelectronics and neural device are encouraged to apply. The successful candidate should possess excellent written and oral communication and interpersonal skills required to work in a highly interactive and collaborative research environment with scientists of different disciplines. A PhD holder or PhD candidate in Chemistry, Materials Science, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Neuroscience, Bioengineering, or related fields is a suitable applicant for the fellowship. The selected fellow will join a research team of PIs from U. of Michigan and IBS, and spend time in residence at both institutions. IPF is available for immediate occupancy, and offered a term of up to three years. This Fellowship is eligible to South Korean citizens, regardless of where you have obtained your Ph.D.


Principal Investigator(PI) Information

Prof. Jinwoo Cheon(IBS CNM): http://ibs.yonsei.ac.kr

Prof. Euisik Yoon (U of Michigan): http://yoon.eecs.umich.edu/

Submission Requirement

CV should be submitted to hykim23@yonsei.ac.kr (IBS CNM) and esyoon@umich.edu (U of Michigan).





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