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COVID-19 update of IBS CNM & Nano BME
Date: Feb 24, 2020

IBS CNM and Nano BME  admin team are closely monitoring the current spike in COVID-19 cases within Korea. We have in close contact with the Yonsei University’s medical advisory and would like to highlight the following points:

1.      There has been an increase of COVID-19 confirmed cases in Daegu and Gyeongbook area. If you feel you may have had any connections to this outbreak, please self-report to the admin team immediately.
2.      Please avoid the Daegu region and any areas directly linked to the recent outbreak in Korea.
3.      In addition, we continue to require self-reporting for those who have traveled to China, Macau, and Hongkong within a 14-day quarantine for students and faculty (and adherence to the return to school policy for clearance upon return).
4.      The scheduled meetings and seminars proceed as scheduled. However, you’re not obliged to attend if you feel any conditions of COVID-19 (referring to the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare) or related symptoms.

Nano BME and IBS CNM are open and running as normal with protection measures in place. We will continue to monitor closely the COVID-19 situation as our health and safety are our highest priority.


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