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IBS UROP is a research opportunities program
available to undergraduate students.

Participate in real research and appreciate the environment
in which it takes place.

Undergraduate research is often considered to be the exploration of a specific topic within a field by a student that attempts to make an original contribution to the discipline.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) offers third and fourth-year students the chance to participate in the creative research experience with the NanoBME faculty and researchers.

Once students are admitted, they will meet with UROP Advisor at the laboratory. They will be assigned to find own research topics to conduct a research project at NanoBME.

This program is designed for undergraduate students with a strong background in science who are considering a research career

Program Schedule

There is no fixed date for applying the UROP. Applicant can submit application to the Y-IBS Institute via email anytime. Once there is an intern position available at the Institute, successful candidate would be offered to have an interview. Final decision will be done after the interview. UROP is designed to run for 1 to 6 months.

How to apply

Submission via email

  1. Email is under the title of ‘Application for UROP(Applicants Name)’
  2. Email to: ibs@yonsei.ac.kr
  3. Curriculum Vitae, Transcript, Personal Statement, Personal Information Collection and usage agreement form


Outstanding undergraduate students considering the UROP must meet the following criteria:

  • A strong background in the sciences and engineering (biology, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, bioengineering or chemical engineering, materials engineering, electrical engineering, medicine etc.).
  • Completion of sophomore year in college. In rare instances, sophomore with strong science and research backgrounds may be considered.
  • students who are considering a research career

UROP Benefits include:

  • Building diverse research connections with the IBS faculty, researchers, students who share the similar research and career interests.
  • Awareness of expertized research career
  • explore laboratory experience at the core facilities at the IBS Hall
  • Gaining knowledge and practical skills necessary for graduate school or a future career.
  • Discovery and hands-on learning through practical application of knowledge and theories you have learnt
  • Be recognized as promising prospective researchers
  • Strengthen personal communication and writing skills in scientific publications

UROP Selection process

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